Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Captain’s Log, April 24.   Tortuga
    Ahh. My soul’s afire tonight. Nights like this, I know I can take the world apart, and nothing will stand in my way.
    The day dawned dark and cold. We pulled back into port, due to the heavy wind that sprang up yesterday. Tortuga’s a fine place to weather a storm - I can hear the waves breaking against the natural breakwater now.
    I amend my speech - Tortuga’s a fine place to weather a storm - minding you’ve not a nose for trouble. Because if you have, here it breeds like rats in a ship’s hold. Bah! Men. I know for a fact half my crew is attached to at least one right now. Makes me sick.
    Of course I let them go ashore. Hm, yes, it actually worked better then I had hoped. We all went to the taverns together, and yes, we danced. I love dancing. I’ll have to teach the lad to dance sometime.
    I informed them beforehand I excepted them all back shipboard by the hour of twelve. And lo! I have half a crew back, sober, or leastwise mostly, and ready to set sail in the morning. The ones who aren’t, well, their dedication to my cause is clearly not a strong as they gave pretence. I am hardly surprised.
    Better off without them. I can’t stand women who constantly look for their next encounter. Gah. In men it’s to be expected - they seem to live for it - but in women it’s hardly a desirable quality. Bah.
    Ah, but the dancing was good tonight - very good. There is a fresh crew in port, and thus they have not been saturated in wine and women for days. I find the dancing is far better when it’s so.
    There was one young mate who caught my eye. Quite fetching to look upon, a mighty fine dancer, if I be any judge. But he never gave me a second look and I can hardly say I am disappointed. I don’t expect it, much less yearn for a man’s attention.
    And there was a swordfight, a dash of flavor to the fire in my heart. Yes, it was a good night.
    I retire now. We set sail, pending the cessation of the wind, at dawn. I cannot wait. I itch for the smell of sea breezes.
Annette Bonny
Bonny Blood, Captain

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